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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative-Brussels

On March 14 to 17 ternYpe gathers in Brussels 35 young Roma activists and partner representatives in order to advocate for wider recognition of the Roma genocide, as well as to present the practices and conclusions of the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative to the European Parliament, European Commission and international stakeholders. Join us to raise the Roma youth voice in the debate on the recognition, education and remembrance of the Roma Genocide in Europe!
Program: The meeting includes a “Working Breakfast of Young Roma with Members of the European Parliament”, which are informal meetings in small groups with various MEPs that actively engage for Roma. A “Side Event” in the context of the EU Roma Platform shall present and advocate the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. As much as possible we try to use the days as well to continue the Berlin meeting of December 2014, thus, as a working meeting to continue the development of the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative in the future. More information is available here

Registration: Please send the completed registration form ASAP to ternype@romayouth.com and CC info@rromassn.org, at the latest by February 28. Registration form available here

Working language: English (no official translations provided, thus, has to be ensured among participants themselves if needed)

Logistics: The meeting takes place in Brussels. Accommodation is organized by ternype in a simple youth hostel. Participants are expected to organize their travel (reimbursement in or immediately after the event). In case of problems, consult us to help.

Costs: ternYpe covers the accommodation and board. For travel reimbursement we cover up to 120 € for Western European countries, up to 200 € for Central/Eastern European countries, and 250 € for Balkan countries. For any concern, please contact us.