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Monday, October 15, 2012

Open Contest 2012: “React and Make a Change (in a life of Roma)“!

Donated by Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission in Charge of the Digital Agenda of Europe. 
  • Win prizes and great surprises!
  • Learn new skills & Stir up changes in your community!
  • Share your ambitions and your reality!
  • Challenge stereotypes and influence others!
  • REACT to what is important to You! Your opinion matters!
Prizes in each category:
  • 1st – 500 Euros + plane ticket, hotel and a fancy dinner and party with the heroes of RomaReact
  • 2nd – 250 Euros
  • 3rd – 100 Euros

How to take part? 
  • Submit a photo or a video as a report on the RomaReact map
  • To submit a report, you will need a Facebook account
  • This is the page where you can add your report: http://romareact.org/reports/submit;
  • if you need help filling in the report, email us: romareact@gmail.com
  • Once your report is submitted, wait to hear the results, and if you win, we will see you in Brussels ;)
What is this about?
RomaReact.org is looking for the agents of change in Roma communities. Mainly young people who come from Roma communities and also become successful in the non-Roma world either through education or business enterpreneurship. We are an interactive website building a global online community seeking social change and justice. You are warmly welcome to join the RomaReact Family and take part in our first exciting contest. We are extremely proud to have received the donation from Neelie Kroes herself, the Vice President of the European Union in charge of the Digital Agenda of European Union. Help us make the change with RomaReact! Share your views, opinions, initiatives on the RomaReact platform!
For the first time RomaReact.org is hosting an Open ‘CONTEST 2012: Make a Change (in the life of Roma)'. Contest is open for all of you who want to share Roma realities and to challenge stereotypes and prejudices that Roma face today. We also want to support you in your effort leading to a change of lives of individuals, groups or all community.
We are opening the Contest in two categories:
1) short video and description\ story in writing,
2) picture/photography and description\ story in writing
We want you to join us because the future of our communities and peaceful co-living depends on you! 
Why to participate?
The future of your community may depend on you:
Your IDEAS, Your Opinion, Questions, and Answers You will find will raise awareness and level of local information you and your fellow citizens need to have to become active and contribute to the change. It can be about how you live, how you or a friend of yours contributes to making a change in the life of a Roma individual, a family or even a whole community.
You can report on the city government or where to go for entertainment and where to meet interesting people – we want to know your view!! Join us & REACT!
We believe in rewarding
Our Grand Prize winner in both open contest categories will enjoy a trip to Brussels that will not only include a guided tour, but also meeting with cool people who are around RomaReact. We'll even throw in 50 Euros as a pocket money!
The first-place winners in both open contest categories will each get 500 Euros. Second place winners will receive 250 Euros each and third places 100 Euros each.
All winners, including the additional 10 winners (five more in each category) below, will become part of the RomaReact family and will benefit from the skills and knowledge building.
Winners will be announced on Monday, Nov. 26, 2012 and awarded in Brussels on Monday, Dec 10, 2012.
Who can participate?
This contest is for young individuals of all skill levels in photography, video recording and editing as well as writing. You need to leave in Europe countries or in Turkey and be 16 years old or older.
If you need help, the team of Roma Reactors is here for you. In addition to providing the platform to publish, we also offer copy editing and advice on various aspects of reporting, from interview techniques, video editing to the use of social media. We will do everything we can to help you create the best reports you can!
To get the best out of your story, use the opportunity to consult it with us, simply by e-mailing your story description to romareact@gmail.com and we'll send comments and hints back to you.
What to report?
We urge you to think SMALL:
  • find an interesting story from your home or neighbors,
  • present us the business person you patronize or the leader you admire,
  • share about the trend you abhor, the community group you are part of or you support,
  • interesting artist living above you?
  • Or maybe the band rehearsing next door?
It can be everything around you, just it needs to be connected with changing lives of Roma into better! What don't you understand about what is happening in your neighborhood? What's great about it? What's changing? These questions will lead you to more questions, questions will lead you to people you don't know, and people will lead you to stories that need to be told about co-living of Roma and non-Roma.
And don't forget the prizes! For more on that and on how to enter your work in RomaReact.org Open Competition, read on!
How to enter?
Simply go to the top of the page of RomaReact.org and click the "Login with a facebook" button and follow the prompts. After you are signed up, click the "Reports" button at the middle top of the page and hit the “submit a report” button. Here you start filling your story – first the description in writing and then adding either picture (or more pictures) for a one category or video for another!
We suggest that you write your story description in a separate writing application and then, when you've finished and had it copy edited, cut and paste it into our site.
Your videos need to be uploaded on youtube before you can add them to your story! In order to have a video part of our report submission, you copy the complete link of your video in to the report template.
We encourage you to take advantage of consulting your story before you post your article. To get our advices, e-mail it to romareact@gmail.com. Moreover you can consult us with any other question related to the contest! Please do so!
With any query please contact the SuperReactors’ Team:
European Region
  • Gabi [g.hrabanova@ergonetwork.org] – English, Czech and Slovak
  • Karolina [k.mirga@ergonetwork.org] – English, Polish, Rromani, Portugeese
  • Gyula [gyula.vamosi@gmail.com] – English, Hungarian, Rromani
  • Tani [dritan.ziu@gmail.com] – Albanian, English
  • Vergil [vergil.ibryam@gmail.com] – Bulgarian, Turkish, English, Rromani
  • Mustafa [muce10@yahoo.com] – Macedonian, English, Rromani
  • Figen [figenkelemer@gmail.com] – Turkish, English, Chinesee
  • Every story you enter/post on the site must be titled "Contest2012"
  • Hit "Submit" and you have posted your first story on RomaReact map. Thus you have also entered the RomaReact.org “Make a Change open contest!!
To be eligible, stories must be posted on the site, by you, between 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 15, 2012 and 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 15, 2012. You may enter as many different stories as you like, but please enter/post each story only once! Make sure to name your entry "Contest2012" or it will not be counted as a submission. There is no charge to enter. We will shred and recycle any entries that come in on dead trees - we're an online platform! Again, you must post the story yourself.
Entries will be judged by RomaReact family. Decisions will be final.
We want you to win! We offer you advice on how to do the best report using video, picture and making a solid description. There will be a online workshop on Oct. 31 to help answer your questions. Be careful that you're happy with what you've recorded, photographed or written; once it is published on the site, it cannot be modified.
You must live in one of the European countries or Turkey, and be at least 16* years of age.
*If you win and you are under 18, we will also need the consent of your parents otherwise we cannot provide you with the Brussels trip to RomaReact. You will still receive the cash prize of course!