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Monday, April 23, 2012


On the 12-th of April 2012, RROMA held its annual assembly in Kratovo. On this meeting, the GA accepted the narrative report for 2011, as well the financial report for 2011. One of the discussion points was the intention of RROMA to create branches in the communities were the organization acts. The youth is looking forward for this, as RROMA gave a period of 18 months for them to prepare themselves for such responsibilities. It is also a period for RROMA to see in which kind of direction the youth is going.
Another point of the discussion was the revision of the strategy of RROMA around September 2012. Also, new members were selected to the board that control the work of RROMA.

The annual program for 2012 was also accepted by the GA. Below are some of the documents relevant for the GA.