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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Advance planning meeting for the project "Migration Never Stops"

Representatives from RROMA, Slovo 21 (Czech), EHO (Serbia) and Amaro Drom (Germany) met in Probistip to discuss and prepare the details for the encounter of the project "Migration Never Stops".

The meeting was held in the Hotel "San Niko" from the 20-th of Januay till the 22-nd of January 2012.

On this meeting, the representatives of the partner organizations discuss the agenda, venue, procedures for safety of the participants, as well the travel dates, working conditions of the 4 groups (video, comic, audio and web), as well what kind of equipment each group will need.

It was agreed, if the weather condition won't allow it to have the meeting from the 12-th until the 19-th of February to ask for a short postponing. And to have the meeting from the 19-th till the 26-th of February 2012.