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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Migration Never Stops" in Macedonia

Starting from the 19-th of February, youngsters from Macedonia, the Czech republic, Serbia and Germany came together for the second encounter of the international youth project "Migration Never Stops". The project is supported by the Europeans for Peace program of the foundation EVZ and the Youth In Action program of the European Commission.

This international youth project intents to investigate stories of (Roma) migration in all its facets in the past and present. Why did people want to migrate or under which circumstances were they forced to? What was the impact of migration on the lives, culture and identity of people? We believe that migration is a strong reflection of the human rights situation in a country. Why did this happen in the past, especially in the last 100 years, and why does this still happen today?

The participants came together and started to work in their working groups: video, audio, web and comics. Their research of personal stories and history and their personal impressions were documented and will be upload on the blog, the web group created:

The groups also had the change to speak with Roma that work in the local municipalities and visit the only Roma municipality in Europe, Suto Orizari. In Suto Orizari, part of the group went to a meeting with the mayor Elvis Bajram, while part of them went to the Center of Skopje to prepare for the flash mob called "The Knot".

By the end of the encounter the participants organized their own exhibition were some of the work they did was presented.

The second meeting ended on the 26-th of February and the third meeting will be in the Czech republic, additionallly the work will be presented in the ternype memorial conference around the 2-nd of August 2012.

Advance planning meeting for the project "Migration Never Stops"

Representatives from RROMA, Slovo 21 (Czech), EHO (Serbia) and Amaro Drom (Germany) met in Probistip to discuss and prepare the details for the encounter of the project "Migration Never Stops".

The meeting was held in the Hotel "San Niko" from the 20-th of Januay till the 22-nd of January 2012.

On this meeting, the representatives of the partner organizations discuss the agenda, venue, procedures for safety of the participants, as well the travel dates, working conditions of the 4 groups (video, comic, audio and web), as well what kind of equipment each group will need.

It was agreed, if the weather condition won't allow it to have the meeting from the 12-th until the 19-th of February to ask for a short postponing. And to have the meeting from the 19-th till the 26-th of February 2012.