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Thursday, May 19, 2011

ROMA-lution - Our way of empowerment!

RROMA started with the implementation of the project funded by OSI-Budapest. The project aims to develop the capacities of 20 young Roma girls from Vinica, Veles, Kocani, Stip and Berovo by providing them training in the field of new media, creative action research and conducting questionnaires on topics such as early marriages and the importance of education for change. Having conducted a research in the five communities about the aforementioned topics, the group of Roma girls will produce a short film about issues of education and early marriages, which will be presented to the public in order to stir a public debate.

One of the project's activities was to visit the High schools and have peer-to-peer education with the Roma girls that study there. Using RROMA's active girls as role models we manage to talk with the Roma girls about the issue of early marriages, the importance of education and other problems. The most interesting part of these meetings was the sharing of experience among the girls. On these meetings, girls that did the mistake of getting married to early came and share their stories with the other girls, by telling them not to do the same mistake as they did. It was also positive to hear that after doing the mistake of early marriage, some of them found their way back in the process of education and became even University students.

Another part of the project was the training about using new e-media, creating creative researches and conducting questionnaires and campaigning. Out of the groups of Roma girls from the municipalities of Vinica, Veles, Stip, Kocani and Berovo, the project team selected the 4 most active ones per community and invited them for the training in Probistip. The training in the hotel San Niko-Probistip from the 19-th of March till the 20-th of March 2011. On this training beside the learning part, the Girls gave freedom to their creativity and manage to create a logo for the project, came out with ideas for the promotional materials and what is most important, while doing this they had fun.

In order the project to be full implemented, RROMA bought the equipment for the project and use some of the equipment that we already have. We got two new digital cameras for the project, but also one digital camera and one video-camera. Some of the girls were invited to Kratovo to pick up the equipment and here they received additional training in photography and composition, but also interview and recording people.

The date for finishing the creative research is the 20-th of May 2011. After receiving all the data from the research teams the documentary will be elaborated and the first premiere will be in July 2011. Before each presentation the girls will do some street actions and share promotional materials. Look out for the date and don't miss the show!