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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On the 28-th of February 2011 in Kratovo, the Regional Roma Educational Youth Association organized the second GA of the organization. On this meeting the results from 2010 were presented, both financial and narrative report. Also, in accordance with the new law for Associations and Foundations, GA members voted for acceptance of the changes made in the Statut of the organization and for acceptance of new members in the GA.

According to the new statut all members of RROMA are members of the GA, by previously filling out an application for membership. Also, five persons were voted in frame of the Executive board of RROMA:
1. Daniela Janevska - President of the executive board and vice-president of RROMA
2. Fetija Demirovska - fdemirovska@yahoo.com
3. Miki Mitevski - mikimitevski@yahoo.com
4. Monika Jakupova - monikajakupova@yahoo.com
5. Ugur Destanovski - uke_king@hotmail.com

The new members of the GA are:
1. Ugur Destanovski
2. Daut Arifovski
3. Bilent Kundevski
4. Urmeta Arifovska
5. Monika Jakupova
6. Merlin Jakupova
7. Kefaet Amedova

President of RROMA and the GA is Mustafa Jakupov.

After this meeting and acceptance of the changes by the Central Register of Macedonia, RROMA will have a new stamp on which the logo of the organization will be on.

In the previously year RROMA received 1.632.158 denars. This can be seen on the link below:

For more information, you can read the report of the meeting below or contact RROMA directly.