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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training in Edirne, Turkey

From the period of the 3-rd until the 6-th of February 2011, RROMA participated in a training in Edirne, Turkey.

The Aim of this training was to help the organization EDROM to create a stable youth structure within their organization. RROMA staff was there as facilitators and participants. The youth on this training had a chance to learn about team, what is team work, how do we define mission and vision, what is SWOT analyzes, but also to learn about values, leadership, the different kinds of leaders, how to mobilize resources, as well to plan activities short time and how to use social media.

The frame for this training was created by Mustafa Jakupov and with the help of Daniela Janevska, Kadrin Hasanov and Ogy Isaev as trainers, the youngsters had four days of fun, exchange of experience, as well an opportunity to learn and share their knowledge.

At the very end of this training, it was decided the youth of EDROM to create their own vision and mission statement, that will fit into EDROM's mission. Also, they need to create an action plan of their activities they are intending to do in the forthcoming period.

Overall, this meeting was a success and we hope that next time more youngsters from Turkey will be participating. Also, we thank Kadrin and Ogy for their input and sessions.