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Friday, December 17, 2010

RROMA celebrated their 3-rd Birthday!!!

Using the slogan "Do more than belong:Participate!", the Regional Roma Educational Youth Association - RROMA celebrated three years of working with youth in the north-east of Macedonia.

On the 15-th of December in the Museum of Kratovo, RROMA invited their members, local authorities, media and people who contributed in the development of the organization. The celebration started with the speech of the president of RROMA, Mustafa Jakupov saying "... it was exactly three years ago in a very icy Winter day, when 25 young people came together in Kocani to form an informal youth network ...".

Today, this informal network manage to became an independent NGO, developed its own capacities, attracted new members, increased the number of Roma students in the organization, also created sustainability by attracting various donors to support the work of the organization.

RROMA became an organization that work on mobilization and empowerment of youth through creativity taking care of their personal development and integration in society as active citizen, no matter of their national or religious beliefs.

Through the presentation called "Youth has the power", the guests had the opportunity to see how RROMA developed and what kind of work the organization does with youth. This presentation was very emotional and made the Mayor of Kratovo to comment and have a short speech by saying " ... I finally see young people doing something positive ... and i will surely always support this kind of work ..."
Link of the presentation:

Of course, our guests had the opportunity to taste the delicious RROMA cake, but also to hear about the future plans of RROMA.

Happy Birthday RROMA!!!