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Monday, November 1, 2010

RROMA youth working on youth programs

The 1-st and 2-nd October were very important dates for the RROMA youth. It was the weekend were they learn about Program development and how to create their own programs and presenting them in front of their local self-governments.

The workshop was held in the hotel Cresevo Topce in Probistip. The youth had the opportunity to learn what a program is, analyze the problems, making their log-frame and in the end merge everything in one document.

At representatives from the municipalities of Kratovo and Probistip were also presented and help the youth by giving the advices from the aspect of working the local self-governments.

What is a program and what is not a program?

The programs that were created from this workshop are going to be proceed and presented to the local self-governments and councils in order to vote for the acceptance by this institutions, so the youth can have support to realize their ideas stated in these papers.

Analyzing their needs and presenting their problem tree