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Monday, November 1, 2010

RROMA creative methods and campaigning training

From the 8-th until the 10-th of October, RROMA was having a training in Prilep about creative methods and campaigning. The youth had the chance to learn about campaigning, why campaign and how, and also to practice campaigning.

Their creativity was challenged by RROMA's team through various exercises as for example to create a logo for their awareness campaign by using only 10 coins, a piece of paper, their mobile phone and a pen.

The youth had a lot of fun and through fun and learning, we manage to create a logo, our creative actions for our campaign, to create our first video footages for our campaign videos and our campaign materials.

Starting from the 1-st of December 2010 (World Aids Day) you will have a chance to see and be part of the RROMA actions. Enjoy in some of the photos! ;)