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Monday, November 1, 2010

Researching the Roma communities ...

In the frame of the MTV SAF project, RROMA's coordinators collected data on HIV awareness in the municipalities of Kratovo, Probistip, Kocani, Veles Berovo and Vinica. All these communities are situated in the North-east region of Macedonia. Since, there was no data before, RROMA started to assess the knowledge in this region and to create the necessary data itself by doing a survey. 600 surveys have been printed out and given to Miki, Merlin and Bilent to proceed them. Each of them did 200 surveys.
This method helps RROMA to create a data, which has been not created before and up-date it on regular basis by having the RROMA youth doing researches, surveys, questionnaires etc.

Miki Mitevski, Merlin Jakupova, Bilent Kundevski
Coordinators of the MTV SAF project

We are collecting data in order to present it to the officials in order having them to react and prevent before it is too late. In this way, we are also promoting Roma youth as agents of change.

All the surveys have been returned to the RROMA office and data-processing has started. We will keep you up-dated with the findings of the research.