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Friday, June 18, 2010

RROMA sharing their experience on youth and information

RROMA's president was invited from the local youth club "Young Initiatives of Kratovo" to share the experience regarding youth and information, but also youth inclusion in problem solving that concerns this target group.On this event, which was held in the Municipality of Kratovo, were also present young people from around the town and local NGO representatives.

Beside RROMA, on this public debate, another speaker was the editor of the local Newspaper "Aberdzija", Oliver Arsovski, who explained to the youth how important it is to be informed.

The president of RROMA continues saying that it is important to be informed as a young individuals, but only having the information and not acting on behalf of it, leads to have a passive youth. The youth needs to be assertive according to him.

It was a very interesting event and we hope that the youth from Kratovo will act and become more assertive regarding problems that concern them as young individuals.