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Friday, June 18, 2010

GOOD NEWS!!! MTV SAF approval!!!

As some of you already know, RROMA was preparing an application for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF). The whole idea came from the youth, who thought that is about time we break the taboo and stigma that this community have regarding certain topics as sexual intercourse and diseases and start to address a serious issue concerning the health of the people. The issue was AIDS, the HIV virus and STD.

We found out on the internet about the MTV SAF application and sent out a resume of 300 words, just to check out our luck and see if these people would be interested to hear about a small Roma NGO from Macedonia and their idea. The people from SAF liked it and sent us a whole application form, which meant that we were in the second round for their award. After sending out the application we got notified that we are in the third and final round, before getting approved, so we had a interview via phone with MTV SAF and on the 27 of May we got notified that our project got approved.

This means RROMA will work one year under the logo of MTV SAF on an awareness campaign regarding AIDS, HIV and STD.

As you know RROMA's vision is Roma youth to become promoters of positive values. This is more than positive :)) this is great. Because for the first time a NGO from Macedonia got an award from MTV and the NGO itself is a Roma NGO. This project gives Roma youth the opportunity to be leaders of a change and to break the stigma and taboo not only for them selves, but also for the others around them. Roma youth will have a leading position and the chance to be assertive and leave the shadows of "passiveness" behind.