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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Black and White book-Typical Roma? in Cordoba, Spain

What is it like to be young and Roma? How do young Roma experience their live and what do they do to shape their own future? During the Second European Summit on Roma, ERGO presented the Black & White Book, which presents stories of successful and failed Roma integration.

ERGO Network believes these stories have a wider relevance. The insights they offer are rarely found in policy evaluations. Roma figure prominently in ‘best practice’-studies. But these obscure the real picture. When policy makers are looking for the reasons why ‘best practices’ are so good, they also need to be asking why the rest is then obviously so bad and how that can be overcome. This book shows the mechanisms of exclusion, hidden discrimination and inaction at work at the local level where policies actually need to be put in practice.

RROMA's president, Mustafa Jakupov presented the book in Cordoba, Spain. On this event, the Mayors that won the national competition received certificates from ERGO for their participation.

The Black and White book can be downloaded by clicking on this link or the following link.