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Monday, February 1, 2010

Discrimination ... it kills!

The young Roma faced the problem of discrimination of their community with the research they did. A lot of the Roma were not familiar with the term discrimination which makes ROMA wonder and ask the question if the community is not familiar with the term, than how can we or they be sure that they are being discriminated. ROMA tried to answer this question by organizing workshops in the RC’s. But than another question appeared who or what will guarantee these people protection, if they get familiar with the term? So, ROMA started to have meetings and to present the results of their research to the LA, but also to collect signatures in order to create an answer to the question. As answer to that question a letter to the governmental representatives was created and support from the people was collected to have the law for protection against discrimination voted in the Parliament. The youth manage to collect around 1000 signatures for support. The youth was happier to know that the law against discrimination was voted last week by the government. Congratulations! We now have a law that protects us from Discrimination.

R.O.M.A. elaborated with the help of TV Protel from Probistip a video regarding the Discrimination activity. The video was translated into macedonian and was broadcast during the signature collection for one month on their TV station.