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Saturday, February 6, 2010

This period ...

The Goals

This period besides working on the ERGO campaign "Typical Roma?", ROMA will be concentrated on achieving the following goals:

  • To implement successfully the ERGO campaign "Typical Roma?".
  • To raise the issue about Roma youth inclusion in the policy creation process.
  • To promote positive values about Roma in society.
  • To establish a good service and prepare a good working program.
  • To strength the capacities of the active members, so they can plan and implement activities and projects independently.

For achieving these goals above, ROMA will have various activities that will be posted soon on the blog.

The Role of ROMA

The role of the team of ROMA will be to support the active Roma youth in organizing and implementing the activities and of course to provide logistics and validity/representation of the acting of the youth. The youth are the owner of their ideas and need to feel self-confidence, to make decision, so they feel useful. ROMA tries to keep their motivation, so their activism is on a high level and for avoiding passiveness, the youth will be given more responsibilities, to plan their own activities and implement them according to the strategy of ROMA. A lot of the ROMA members are students and lack of free time to devote to ROMA activities and sometimes this is a problem, but this is why the team of ROMA is always consulting with all members of ROMA and plan the time of implementing an activity in accordance with all of them, which sometimes means working or implementing activities in the week-ends. The team of ROMA will be also working with the youth, so they make and bring decisions and solutions, but also teach them to take the responsibility over them. ROMA will be the Guide that will guide the Roma youth through a process, where in the end they need to become independent and become our partners.