Не гледај од страна! Учествувај!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Priorities

We have our priorities in our work with Roma youth, see below:

1. Support of young Roma in the process of High School education

2. Support in giving information for scholarships, internships etc. for getting in to University

3. Developing the feeling for self-inclusion and active citizenship among young Roma

4. Cooperation with the local self-governments, governmental institutions and NGO’s in/for creating youth policies

5. Promotion of positive values of Roma in society:

· Life in harmony with nature

· Social inclusion

· Multiculturalism

· Peer education

· Team work

· Creativity

6. Initiating and conducting youth policies on local, national and international level

7. Transformation of the organizational structure, as the structure of the network and strategic choice of donors and partners. In this way, the organization strengthening itself in making strategic choices and assuring the creation of a young and competent executive team.

8. Personal development of the young people, exchange of experience, as using it in the implementation of the activities of ROMA.